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Early Material Work


Some marmoset previewing, a great tool.

In a book i read a long time ago about armor i remember it says that knights near coastal positions coated their armor with oil or something else that would make it look very dark. I always thought this looked cool and grungy so i’m trying to reproduce it. My textures here are a little rough, i’m trying to figure out which nobs to turn to get it to look right. Eventually I’d like to have it be a golden color armor with black suit covering it all except for the edges and scratches.

I painted this guy blue originally. I think a warm color is the usual go-to for this kinda thing but i wanted to try something a little different. I got stuck so i decided to work on the armor so i can see how the body color fits with the armor. The body and armor textures were painted in zbrush.

Finished modeling – I hope

These are fairly big pictures, the lightbox script fits it to window size and i don’t have a good way to view them full scale yet, sorry. Right click and open as new tab or window to view fullsize.

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