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MGS E3 red band trailer

Our e3 red band trailer has been released. Meaning it’s for 18+, if you’re under 18 you’re not supposed to watch it or something. Whatever, watch it.

The main character I worked on for this video had a very fast reveal. He’s the guy running at the camera in the dust storm. Yoji Shinkawa did an awesome job with this concept art, I wish I could show the whole character!

Reveal is here, clicky.

I did do everything on this character.


I also did some support texturing to help where I could.

I would have loved to have made this model! However, I did not. I did do the facial ‘blend/decal’ texture.




I did not make these gloves but I added blood to them.gloves1


I did not make this shirt, but I made it wet.


The greenband trailer is here

It’s been a long time. Again. Kojima Productions and MGS5

Lots of big things have been happening. I’ve moved to Tokyo to work for Kojima Productions on Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. It’s been a lot of fun the 6 months I’ve been here so far. The days here have been very long, I’ve had to learn a new language and some new programs and tools. It’s been a lot of hard work but rewarding!

The first video I worked on was a teaser for GDC:

They put (i put) my face in the game as a doctor 😀


Hideo Kojima is awesome, he took a picture and tweeted me looking awkward in front of my head in the Fox Engine.

I recommend watching the GDC presentation too, it shows some very nice tech.

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