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Urban unrest game


Crytek Docs


The Official CRYENGINE documentation portal is now at:

Last of us – naughty dog character setup

Aaron Beck concept technique



Double knee joint

VBlog – Biped Rigging, the Legs- part 6

fk/ik switch

Fur guides

A nice workflow here.

FurGuidesPainter from clovis gay on Vimeo.


“Fur Guides Painter is a new tool, which will drastically speed your hair&Fur and Ornatrix workflow.”

Character deformation and tension

Some amazing work by Chris Jones

and some fstretch 2.0 to look into later


fstretch tutorials

SOuP has some similar tools to it.

” SOuP is a set of plug-ins that extend the procedural (and other) capabilities of Maya. It includes sophisticated “live” data generators and modifiers that operate on components lists, objects groups and point attributes. These tools can be very useful when working on complex effects, advanced characters and actually quite often geometry modeling.”

Tension blend shapes

Joe Altar’s pose deformer




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