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I’ve been thinking about doing a livestream on twitch tv about modeling. If anyone has questions regarding 3d techniques, email me or drop by irc #zbrush on efnet and hang out!


I mentioned from the previous post, the head project turning into a full body project. I wanted to frame the facial setup with a body so it’s not just a floating head. Making some of the body armor was a lot of fun and I figured I’d better just do the whole guy.


Most of the modeling work is done now. The hands looked fine up close but when looking at the full character they’re too noisy. I want to rebuild them to visually read cleaner. I’m pretty excited to bring it into substance designer once the accessories are finished.






Hello world,

Free time has been really hard to find but when I can scrounge some up it’s nice to do some modeling for fun.

I’m really impressed with snappers facial rig demo

and I started building a face to test out some facial setups.

I did a proof of concept setup with a head and it worked! It’s pretty fun to facial expression working dynamically with bones. My head project turned into a bust project. Then my bust project turned into a full body project. When I finish off this model and get back to the facial work I’ll put up a video.

For now, here’s some modeling progres.

My first goal was to make a head. I was thinking of something not so realistic and a little bit military. I did some rough sculpts


The heads are ok but If you’re not feeling inspired working on something, it’s not worth putting the time into it.


This ones still pretty neutral but has some mood to it. I averaged this face a bit and settled on it for now. It’s using a temporary texture set to get a quick feel for how it’ll look. I’ll revisit it later and finish the texture set.


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