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Closing a chapter

I’ve just finished updating my site and i’ve added a new reel. It’s been a lot of fun creating characters for work and in my free time. But, from here on out, I’ll be shifting my focus. I won’t do any more full animation ready characters, rigged, etc. in my free time. For a long time I’ve been very interested in learning illustration. I’m going to start down the long road of shitty drawings, but in the end, something goods bound to happen. As for 3d, when i feel the urge I’ll approach it from a 3d concepting/statue sculpting direction instead, no more t-pose and skeleton setup tedium …unless it’s for a fun project. It’ll be awhile before i update this again and,  until then, a couple that I’ve liked.

Early Material Work


Some marmoset previewing, a great tool.

In a book i read a long time ago about armor i remember it says that knights near coastal positions coated their armor with oil or something else that would make it look very dark. I always thought this looked cool and grungy so i’m trying to reproduce it. My textures here are a little rough, i’m trying to figure out which nobs to turn to get it to look right. Eventually I’d like to have it be a golden color armor with black suit covering it all except for the edges and scratches.

I painted this guy blue originally. I think a warm color is the usual go-to for this kinda thing but i wanted to try something a little different. I got stuck so i decided to work on the armor so i can see how the body color fits with the armor. The body and armor textures were painted in zbrush.

Finished modeling – I hope

These are fairly big pictures, the lightbox script fits it to window size and i don’t have a good way to view them full scale yet, sorry. Right click and open as new tab or window to view fullsize.

Oh crap i killed my blog

OOoooooops. I was cleaning my server up and apparently i had my blog running on a nonsense named database. I killed the database, and it was pretty obvious that the blog was linked to it soon after d>.<b No problem! Fresh starts are always nice.  Plus the colors sucked. My eyes are a bit tired so i think i’ll rest them for a couple weeks until i go to japan in october. I plan to start on a creature after that. It’ll be nice to have some time to explore zb4. Here’s my last work pre blog killing.

I really dislike wordpress 🙁 If anyone knows a good way to add multiples images into a post easily, please tell me!

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